our technology: A low-cost, compact, turnkey solution for always-on smart sensors

At Legato Logic, we are building a special-purpose compute engine based on our unique asynchronous self-timed mixed-signal architecture, which allows us to reach higher energy efficiency. Our patented technology eliminates power & area hungry ADCs and DACs.

Our engine is independent of process and temperature variation. It is made in scalable standard CMOS process, and it is memory agnostic. Using this technology, our engine can run an object detection algorithm in a fraction of the milliwatt power compared to the competitors.

By combining this engine with any type of sensor in a package, Legato will create a wide variety of tiny smart sensors that can fit in the smallest places.

IoT in healthcare

OUR SOLUTION Bring AI closest to the sensor in a tiny package.

10x smaller than MCU solutions

100x lower power than MCU solutions

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